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Dollar Tree Valentine Easel

This was another craft idea that came to me while shopping for supplies at my local Dollar Tree! When I found this easel I knew I had to get it. I wasn’t sure exactly what I would use it for until I got it home and went through some of my other Valentine crafts I was going to be making. When I came across my rusty tin stuff, I knew just what to do, and this Dollar Tree Valentine Easel came to life! I hope you enjoy this DIY and give one a try for yourselves!


Dollar Tree Easel
Muslin Fabric
Red & White Ticking
White Sweater 
Rusty Heart
Red Tinsel Ribbon
Antique Wax 

First, I cut a piece of the Muslin fabric to completely cover the easel and used Mod Podge to glue it down.

Second, I cut a smaller piece of the red and white ticking fabric and used Mod Podge to secure it to the center of the Muslin fabric.

Third, I cut a piece of the sweater to be slightly smaller than the previous two and Mod Podged that to the rest.

Fourth, I cut a length of the red tinsel ribbon and fed it through the holes of the button tying if off on the top. I set aside to use later.

Fifth, I glued on a rusty heart (I didn’t end up using the rusty snowman), and then cut a small square of each of the previously used fabrics and placed them onto the heart slightly overlapping.

Finally, I took the button I had previously set aside and glued it to the center of the small fabric squares in the center of the heart. As a last minute decision, I decided to Antique Wax the easel legs to bring the darker color of the rusty heart into the easel.

This is the final result, how do you like the finished project? I absolutely love how this came out! While I was working I did change some things out, like the Antique Wax but I think the final result was just perfect! This Dollar Tree Valentine Easel could be displayed just about anywhere and be the perfect Valentine decoration! What do you think, will you make one of these too?

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