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DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Envelope

Who doesn’t love getting a Valentine?!? I know that I do, but unfortunately over time those sweet little letters fade. So why not make a Valentine that you can have forever? Follow along with me and learn how to make a DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Envelope.


Dollar Tree Metal Envelope

Dollar Tree Rub On Transfers

Flower Pack- Hobby Lobby

Pink and White Chalk Paint

Ribbon (hanger)

Sandpaper (distress envelope after painting)

Hot Glue

First, step in this project is to paint the metal envelope with your white paint. This could take a couple coats to completely cover. Before you paint, cut off the brown twine at the top of the envelope.

Once your white paint is dry, add some pink paint to the small heart in the middle of the envelope. This helps that cute little part stand out.

Once everything is completely dry, go over the envelope with the sandpaper so that it gives it a distressed look.

Now that the envelope has been painted and distressed, use your Dollar Tree Rub On Transfers to add some excitement to your project. Also during this step add your ribbon on for your hanger.

Next add your flower pack to the top left hand corner of your envelope. This will be attached using hot glue.

This little project came out so cute, I’m really happy with the finished project. I can’t wait to put it on display in my house to celebrate Valentines Day. Do you think that you will make a DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Envelope?

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  1. Your crafts are so great! I love when there’s a story behind your inspiration. Was it difficult to use the rub on transfers on the uneven surface of the envelope? Any tips? Thanks!

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