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Valentines Hugs & Kisses Shelf Sitter

When you think of Valentines Day it’s hard not to think of hugs, kisses and love. When I saw this cute little Xoxo sign at Family Dollar I knew that I could turn it into something super adorable. Follow along with me for a DIY Valentines Hugs & Kisses Shelf Sitter.


Xoxo Sign- Family Dollar


Brown Wax

Paints- White and Paint


Flower- mine is a napkin holder from Hobby Lobby that I cut the holder off to use the flower

I started off this project by using the brown wax to cover the x’s on the sign. I went over the front and the back and made sure to fully cover.

Now go ahead and cover the hearts on the sign with your pink paint. Make sure to cover the front and the back fully.

Once your paint has dried, go ahead and grab your pieces of greenery. These are going to be attached to the bottom of the sign using some small dabs of hot glue. Place them so that the tops of the greenery are facing towards the left and right of the sign.

In the center of the greenery where the stems meet we are going to attach your ribbon. Tie the ribbon into a bow and use a small amount of hot glue to attach it to the center of the greenery.

Now once your ribbon is attached add your flower to the center. Once again the flower is attached using hot glue.

This came out so much cuter than I even expected, you could put this in any room of the house for a cute little decoration. Not only can it be used to celebrate Valentines Day but you could use this all year long to brighten up your home. Do you think you will make a Valentines Hugs & Kisses Shelf Sitter?

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