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DIY Vine Heart Topiary

I love making a DIY that cannot only be used for the upcoming holiday but can be left out all year long. This DIY is one of those for sure!! I found these cute little vine hearts and instantly knew that they were going to be the center of my next crafting project. Follow along with me for a DIY Vine Heart Topiary.


Vine Hearts


Ribbons and Embellishments (your choice)


Toile Fabric or any fabric you choose

Paints in Red and Antique White

First start off by painting your spools, I painted one spool red and one spool antique white.

After the paint dried I added my toile fabric to the middle of the spools using some Mod Podge. I also painted my dowels with some brown wax.

After the dowels dried, I attached the vine hearts to the dowels using some twine. You can add a small dab of hot glue if you want it to be extra secure.

Now put your dowels through the spools. Also paint one of your keys with the antique white paint and one with your red paint.

Add some Spanish moss to the top of the spool as well as where the dowel connects to the vine heart. Loop some twine through each of your keys and attach them to hang through the hearts. Also add your ribbon bows and your embellishments.

These came out so amazing, I had a great time making them and love that you could use them anytime of the year. They came out a little different than I had pictured them in my mind but still think they look great. Do you think you will make a DIY Vine Heart Topiary?

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