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DIY Scarecrow Shelf Sitter

Fall is such a beautiful season, and I think it may be one of my favorite times of the year! Changing leaves, cooler temperatures, fires, and that homey feel that fall gives is one of the best feelings! This DIY Scarecrow Shelf Sitter fits so perfect with the fall feel I couldn’t wait to make him! I hope that you give this one a try!


Wood Shims – Lowe or Home Depot
Wood Slat – Dollar Tree
Wooden Circle
Flannel Fabric
Old Aluminum Can
Mod Podge
Paints – Orange,Yellow,Black & White 
Corn Husk Picks – Hobby Lobby
Spanish Moss
Floral Foam
Rocks or Marbles for weight
Wooden Stake

First, I took the wood slat and one of the wood shims and created the torso and shoulders to the scarecrow. I secured them together using hot glue.

Second, I used two more of the wood shims and hot glued them to the shoulder ends to create the arms.

Third, I took two smaller wood shims and a slightly bigger one and created the hat, securing it together with hot glue. After I made all the pieces I then painted the body orange and the hat brown.

Fourth, I took two smaller wood shims and one slighter larger one to create a base for the scarecrow head to attach to. I hot glued those pieces together, and then hot glued them in the center of the back of the torso. Once that was on I attached the circle piece of wood as the head to it.

Fifth, I drew on the face the way I thought looked nice, and then painted it on.

Sixth, I used some of the Raffia and created a hair look on top of the head, secured it with hot glue, and then I also hot glued the hat atop of that.

Seventh, I used longer pieces of the Raffia and created a big bow than attached it using hot glue.

Eighth, I used smaller pieces of raffia and hot glued them to the end of each arm, creating the look of straw hands. I then used twine to wrap around them and secured it with hot glue.

Ninth, I used a small amount of Raffia in the corner of the hat and hot glued it down.

Tenth, I hot glued the sunflower onto the raffia on the hat. I then cut two small squares of burlap and hot glued one onto the hat and one onto the torso.

Eleventh, I took an aluminum can and covered it in Mod Podge.

Twelfth, I covered the Mod Podge covered can in cinnamon.

Thirteenth, I used the wooden stake and painted it brown. Once it was dry I hot glued it to the back of the scarecrows torso.

Fourteenth, I filled the aluminum can with marbles, and then cut pieces of floral foam to fill the rest of the can to the top.

Fifteenth, I cut fan shape pieces of burlap and hot glued them to each shoulder, and then did the same with the flannel fabric and hot glued onto the burlap.

Sixteenth, I cut two squares of burlap, and slightly smaller squares of flannel fabric. I then hot glued them onto the torso. After I secured them I hot glued buttons onto each.

Seventeenth, I inserted the wooden stake of the scarecrow into the floral foam inside the aluminum can. I then covered the top of it with Spanish Moss.

Eighteenth, I used the corn husk picks I found at Hobby Lobby and inserted them into the Spanish Moss all around the scarecrow.

Nineteenth, I hot glued a piece of burlap around the center of the aluminum can, and then hot glued a slightly smaller piece of flannel fabric on top.

Finally, I used a piece of twine with the fall tag attached, wrapped it around the can and tied it into a bow.

Here he is all finished! I think he came out absolutely perfect! He took a little bit to get together but the finished result was better than I imagined it would be. Do you think you’ll give this DIY Scarecrow Shelf Sitter a try?

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