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DIY Vintage Style Halloween Cloche

It’s time for more Halloween! I seriously love this holiday, it’s fun, spooky and all around exciting to get into the Halloween spirit! Pumpkins, spiders, and skeletons what could be more fun to add to a craft? Do you think you may try one of your own DIY Vintage Style Halloween Cloche projects?


Cloche – Target 
Halloween Bottle Brush Tree
Mini Apothecary Bottles
Plastic Skeleton, Spiders, Bats
Styrofoam Bones
Mini Jack O Lantern Bucket
Purple and Orange Berry Picks 
Paper Straws – Black and White 
Spanish Moss
Antique Wax
Halloween Fabric
Black Paint

First, I took the bottom of the Cloche and painted it black.

Second, I took the Halloween fabric and measured and cut it to fit into the base of the cloche. I then used Modge Podge to glue it down.

Third, I used antique wax on the mini jack o lantern bucket to give it that aged look.

Fourth, I used hot glue and secured the Halloween bottle brush tree into place.

Fifth, I filled the mini jack o lantern with Spanish moss and then, hot glued the filled jack o lantern to the cloche base.

Sixth, I used the mini Apothecary bottles and hot glued them into place.

Seventh, I hot glued the plastic spicers, bats onto the Halloween bottle brush tree. I then hot glued the styrofoam bone into place.

Eighth, I placed the black and white paper straws along with a styrofoam bones and the purple and orange berry picks into the top of the jack o lantern.

Ninth, I used hot glue to secure the plastic skeleton to the base.

Finally, I used a couple floral picks and stuck them into a couple spots on the Halloween bottle brush tree.

Here is the final product once I put the glass dome back over my Halloween fun! I think it came out spectacular! This was such a fun way to show off a little Halloween spirit! I’m hoping you try to create your own DIY Vintage Style Halloween Cloche and have as much fun making it as I did mine!

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