DIY Wooden Heart Hanger

I have had this wooden heart for a while, I think I found it at a yard sale or thrift store I believe. It has been around a while it was one of those, I will do something with this later items. Well, finally later has come! This came out so much better than I expected. You know when you have an idea in your head, then you start making it and it just comes together. Those are my favorite projects, I have had more than my share of projects that do not come out as I have planned in my head. I’m sure you all can relate! Enough rambling from me onto this wooden heart hanger DIY!

This project was nothing more than a little paint, ribbon and a key I found on Amazon! Not shown is the little wooden heart I found at Dollar Tree.

Step 1 I painted both the key and the heart with the teal green color. The key took a couple coats, as it was dark and metal.

Next I dry brushed on some white all over the whole heart.

Then I dry brushed some black all over also in small bits, focused mostly on the edges. I did the same on the key as well to give it an aged look.

Here is a close up of the key. It turned out amazing, love the way it looks!!

This is the little heart from Dollar Tree, I just painted it white and dry brushed some of the teal and black on it the opposite of the big heart!

Here I cut the ribbon at an angle and pulled it through the backside, like shown above.

Put the key on one ribbon, and the heart strung through the other.

Then pull the ribbon through itself at the top, and then tie a knot at the end leaving a little at the end. All finished!!


This came out so much better than I had envisioned. That pale teal color is just so relaxing and comforting to look at. Another year round DIY or just for Valentines’ Day, I like being able to have both and decide how I want to use them.

If you enjoyed this DIY, check out my latest DIY’s below! If you like DIY videos check out my Facebook & YouTube for many more!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY wooden heart hanger as much I have, I hope it inspires you to look at items at the thrift stores and yard sales differently! You never know what life a little paint can bring to an item!

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