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Heart Trinket Bowl Makeover

While thrifting the other day I found this cute little wooden heart trinket bowl . It was the shape I loved but knew it needed a makeover to bring out its best look, the brown was so drab. I love finding things at thrift stores and giving them new life, and that is just what I did with this little heart! Check out how cute this heart trinket bowl makeover turned out!

Here is what I used, just some paints, that is all it needed! I did not end up using the red paint shown, I liked it without it.

Step one, I painted the whole heart black.

Step 2, after the black dried I used the teal color and painted over the black.

Step 3, I used the black and white and dry brushed in layers all over the heart. Just going back and forth with each color until I achieved the look I wanted. I did not use a lot of paint, and did it in very light strokes. I love the end result!

Step 4, I took a sanding block and lightly sanded the edges to allow some of the black paint to show through. This helped define the heart shape.

Last step, I painted a small white heart in the top right hand corner.

LOVE how this turned out, it is sooo much cuter than it was! It can be used all year round or just for Valentines Day!!

The teal color is one of my favorites! It is just such a happy and relaxing color.

This trinket holder I will be using to hold jewelry on my bureau!

So simple but, so cute!

Hope you enjoyed this heart trinket bowl makeover as much I have, I hope it inspires you to look at items at the thrift store differently! You never know what life a little paint can bring to an item!

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  1. Michelle Stephanie Walz says:

    Love what you did ♡ great resurrection ♡ teal is my favorite too ♡

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