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Dollar Tree Bee Happy Sign

Once again Dollar Tree Didn’t disappoint! I was browsing through the signs they carry looking for a specific type of design for a Spring craft I had in mind, when I came across this hexagon shaped one! It was exactly what I was looking for, and scooped it right up! There is very rarely a time when I can’t find something at Dollar Tree that I need! This Dollar Tree Bee Happy Sign was absolutely a blast to make and I hope you follow along and decide you want to make one of your own too!


Dollar Tree Hexagon Sign

Bee Napkin




Yellow Florals

White and Black Paint

First, I painted all of the edges of the sign with the black paint. I then painted the top with the white.

Second, I opened up the bee napkin I chose to use on top of the sign. I then used Mod Podge to secure it down. Here is the link again to the napkins. https://shopcreatingthroughchaos.com/products/cows-bee-sunflowers-please-napkin-bundle

Third, I lightly ironed over the napkin.

Fourth, I cut off all the extra napkin from around the edges.

Fifth, I used an old toothbrush with a small amount of black paint to splatter over the top of the napkin.

Sixth, I used hot glue to secure some yellow florals to the top of the sign.

Finally, I cut a length of ribbon, tied it into a bow and secured it on top of the florals using hot glue. I then glued a button to the center of the bow.

Here is the completed project, how do you think it turned out? I love it and can’t wait to get it into my craft booth! It is the perfect Spring time sign, and would look amazing sitting on any shelf! I love when my craft ideas come to life and look just how I imagined they would! I hope you followed along with this Dollar Tree Bee Happy Sign and decided that you want to make one too!

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