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Thrifted Spring Candle Holder

I once again was searching through my local thrift store for items I could turn beautiful again! When I came across this funny little candle holder I knew just what I wanted to make. When I got it home I got started right on turning it into this beautiful Thrifted Spring Candle Holder!. I have been crafting for many years and I am still shocked at some of the outcomes of things I make! I hope you enjoy this DIY, follow along and make one for yourselves!


Thrifted Candle Holder
Spring Napkin- My Shop
White Chalk Paint
Mod Podge
Greenery & Candle

First, I painted the entire candle holder with the white chalk paint.

Second, I gave the front of the candle holder a coat of Mod Podge and laid the Spring napkin over it, smoothing it out. You can find the napkin for this in my shop, here https://shopcreatingthroughchaos.com/collections/napkin-bundles

Finally, I removed the extra napkin and lightly sanded all of the edges around the candle holder. I then placed a candle in the holder and surrounded it with greenery.

Here is the final project all completed, how do you think it turned out? When I came up with the idea I was just hoping it came out as good as it actually did! I love when these old items I come across at the thrift store end up turning out amazing! I hope you enjoyed this Thrifted Spring Candle Holder and make one too! This item will be in my next batch of crafts I bring over to my new craft booth.

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