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DIY Thrifted Patriotic Houses

I’m once again on my patriotic crafting binge! When I found these little houses at the thrift store on my latest pass through, I knew I wanted to create something patriotic with them and I had a few ideas in mind. Once I got them home and sat in my craft room and thought about it, I came up with the idea for the DIY Thrifted Patriotic Houses. They were so simple to make, yet came out so beautiful! I hope you follow along and fall in love with them as much as I did!


Thrifted Houses
Star Stencil – I used a stencil that I had that had stars on it.
Craft Sticks
Rusty Mini Star
Paints – Red, White and Blue
Burnt Umber
Antique Wax

These are the paint colors I use for all of my patriotic craft projects!

First, I painted the roofs of both houses with the deep midnight blue paint. I then painted the chimneys on both houses with the deep burgundy paint.

Second, I drew out some rough lines onto each of the house where the red and white stripes would be.

Third, I painted the alternating pattern of stripes with the deep burgundy and the almandine paints.

Fourth, I used a stencil I had on hand with the stars I liked and painted stars onto each roof with the almandine paint.

Fifth, I cut crafting sticks to make two doors and four windows. I made them size appropriate to each house.

Sixth, I painted the windows and doors with the deep midnight blue paint.

Seventh, I used the burnt umber paint mixed with a little water to get the color I liked and painted the lines between the stripes. You can choose how light or dark you want your lines by adding more or less water.

Eighth, I lightly sanded around the edges of the houses, then went over that with the Antique Wax.

Ninth, I hot glued the doors and windows to each house, then I used the almandine paint to paint on the lines and door knobs.

Finally, I hot glued a rusty star above each door.

Here they are all finished, what do you think of the final results? I absolutely love these houses! I took boring, old, outdated thrift store find houses and turned them into an amazing patriotic craft! These house couldn’t have come out better and look exactly as I envisioned them to be! Patriotic crafts are so much fun to make, there’s really endless possibilities of what could be made! I hope you loved these DIY Thrifted Patriotic Houses and have decided you want to give them a go too!

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