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Dollar Tree Farmhouse Farmers Market Sign

I found this stencil at Hobby Lobby a while ago, I knew I had to get it and make a craft project with it! It just took me a while to get around to it, especially with my LONG list of projects lol. I knew it would look perfect stenciled on the wood round I had previously purchased at Dollar Tree! Farmhouse crafting is some of my favorite crafts to make and I love this one especially! I hope you follow along and decide you want to give this Dollar Tree Farmhouse Farmers Market Sign a shot too!


Dollar Tree Wood Round
Hobby Lobby Stencil
White & Black Paint

First, I removed the hanger from the wood round, I then measured half of the wood circle and taped a line through to make the top and bottom equal.

Second, I painted the top half with white paint, once that was dry I put a new piece of tape down and painted the bottom half with the black paint.

Third, I taped down the stencil, using black paint on the “Farmers Market” section that is on the white part of the wood round, as well as the stars in that area.

Fourth, I used the white paint with the stencil on the bottom section of the black painted wood round.

Fifth, I used an ink blotter to add black around the white sectioned edges of the sign and again with the white paint around the black edges of the sign.

Finally, I reattached the holder to the wood round that I had removed.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I couldn’t be happier with the final project, it came out just how I thought it would. I’m having a hard time deciding if I want to keep this one for myself, how bring it into my craft booth! It’s always a tough decision deciding if I can let something go! I may just have to make another to add into my booth! What do you think, will you be giving this Dollar Tree Farmhouse Farmers Market Sign a shot too?

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