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Halloween Pink Pumpkin Topiary

This project is a bit out of my usual crafts, but as a crafter when you get an idea you roll with it! I was poking around Hobby Lobby and saw this cute stacked pumpkin cutout I knew I was going to be able to turn it into something awesome. I am absolutely loving the pink pumpkins this year and this was exactly my vision. This actually came out so much better than I had been picturing. Follow along with me for a Halloween Pink Pumpkin Topiary.


Stacked Pumpkin Cutout- Hobby Lobby

Halloween Napkin- My Shop CLICK HERE!!

Paints- Light Pink, Dark Pink, Black, White

Glitter Paint

Black and White Ribbons

Mod Podge

Parchment Paper


Start off by using your black paint and covering all the lines on the Stacked Pumpkin Cutout, also paint the stand of the cutout.

Next using your white paint, fully cover the inside of the center pumpkin

Now using your dark pink paint, cover the bottom pumpkin of the cutout

Using your light pink paint fill in the top pumpkin of the stack

Once all your paint is dry this should be what your pumpkin stack looks like.

Using the Mod Podge completely cover the center pumpkin that was painted white

Once you have applied the Mod Podge lay your napkin over the center pumpkin

Now take a piece of parchment paper and lay it over the napkin. Next using your iron go over the parchment paper to help the napkin stick to the pumpkin.

Once your napkin is fully attached trim off any extra that is hanging off of the sides.

Next take your glitter paint and cover over all 3 pumpkins. Once the paint has dried use your black and white ribbons to make 3 bows. Attach these with hot glue in between the pumpkins.

This came out so cute looking. I love that it’s different from normal Halloween decor. When crafting I feel that hinking out of the box always comes up with the best little projects. Do you think you will make a Halloween Pink Pumpkin Topiary?

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