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Dollar Tree Lemon Chalkboard Easel

When I was shopping for some more crafting supplies at my local Dollar Tree I came across this chalkboard easel! I just had to get it, I wasn’t sure what I would make yet, but knew something amazing would eventually come from it! While I was crafting my last project, I happened to look over at the easel and the idea just came to me, and the Dollar Tree Lemon Chalkboard Easel was born! I hope you follow along and love this project as much as I did making it!


Dollar Tree Chalkboard Easel

Lemon Napkin – https://shopcreatingthroughchaos.com/collections/napkin-bundles

4 1/2 Wood Beads

Yellow and White Paint

Mod Lodge 

First, I painted the legs of the easel with the yellow paint.

Second, I painted the chalkboard part of the easel with the white paint.

Third, I covered the chalkboard with Mod Podge and secured the lemon napkin to it. I then cut off the excess napkin. The link for the napkin is in the supplies list.

Fourth, I painted the four 1/2 wood beads with the yellow paint.

Finally, I glued a 1/2 bead to each of the corners of the easel.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? For such a simple project, it looks amazing and was a blast to make! I would be happy to display this Dollar Tree Lemon Chalkboard Easel anywhere! It’s so full of color and just pulls the Summer season out! This craft project will definitely be in my next restocking trip to my craft booth! I think it will be a hit! I’m hoping you loved this craft project, and that you decide you want to give one a go too!

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