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Patriotic Block Shelf Sitter

One of my favorite crafting themes is anything patriotic! I love the red, white, and blue and anything to do with Americana! I’ve had so many ideas coming to me lately with patriotic themes, I can’t seem to get them done fast enough! When the idea for this Patriotic Block Shelf Sitter came to me, I ran out the same day and found this perfect block I needed to make my craft come to life! I hope you love this project as much as I do, and you give one a try too!


Wooden Block – Hobby Lobby
Wooden Finial
Patriotic Napkin
White Paint
Antique Wax
Rusty Star and Pin

First, I painted the entire block with the white paint.

Second, I opened up the patriotic napkin and used Mod Podge to secure it to one of the sides of the block. I then cut off the excess napkin.

Third, with the rest of the napkins same design, I used Mod Podge to secure a piece to each of the rest of the blocks sides. I trimmed off all of the excess once glued down.

Fourth, I used Antique Wax over the entire block.

Fifth, I drilled a larger hole into the top center of the block.

Sixth, I painted the wooden finial with blue paint. After it was dry I pushed it into the drilled hole at the top of the block.

Seventh, I cut a large bunch of raffia, and tied it into a bow around the wooden finial.

Finally, I used the rusty pin to secure the rusty star to the raffia bow.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I absolutely love this craft! It came out exactly how I envisioned it would, and can’t wait to get it into my craft booth. This Patriotic Block Shelf Sitter was so much fun to make, that I may just have to make another to keep for myself! What do you think, will you be giving this one a try?

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