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DIY Vintage Typewriter Hanger

Vintage crafting is a favorite of mine, and I absolutely love the look of those old style typewriters! I knew I had the perfect printable of those typewriters, when I came across this wood plaque at my local Dollar Tree. After purchasing the plaque, I couldn’t wait to get home and put the supplies together to get started! I hope you follow along with this DIY Vintage Typewriter Hanger and decide you want to give one a go too! I will post the link to the printable in my supplies list!


Dollar Tree Wood Plaque

Printable – Sized to 5×7 https://shopcreatingthroughchaos.com/products/vintage-style-bird-typewriter

Rusty Wire – https://shopcreatingthroughchaos.com/collections/craft-supplies

White Paint


Antique Wax

First, I painted the wood plaque with the white paint.

Second, I gave the plaque a coating of Mod Podge and secured the printable which I sized to 5×7 to it.

Third, I gave the entire thing a coating of the Antique Wax.

Fourth, I cut a length of the rusty wire and secured it through the holes in the plaque by twisting the ends around.

Finally, I cut a bunch of raffia and tied a bow around the side of the rusty wire hanger.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it looks? I couldn’t be happier that I finally got to use this printable on a project, and it looks amazing to top it off! This was such a simple, yet fun project to work on, I may just have to make a couple! I bet this DIY Vintage Typewriter Hanger will be a big hit when I get it into my craft booth when I restock! Do you think you’ll give this project a try too?

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