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Dollar Tree Metal Bee Hanger

I found this metal bee at Dollar Tree and thought it was so cute! When I first grabbed it, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. It sat for a while and then I was sitting in my craft room, and I saw it again and an idea just came to me! So, I got to work on it, and it turned out cuter than I expected. Come follow along as I show you how I make the Dollar Tree Metal Bee Hanger!


Dollar Tree Metal Bee
Dollar Tree Round Sign
Honeycomb Stencil
Coffee Dyed Tag
Paints- White, Black, Yellow
Dollar Tree Stamps
Antique Wax

First, I painted the body of the bee, and the wings edges black and then the center of the wings white. It took a couple coats and I let it dry in between each coat.

Second, I added the bee stripes in the color Antique Gold. It is one of my favorite colors of yellow. This part was just willy nily, it didn’t need to be perfect or straight I just wanted it rustic.

Third, I painted the background of my sign white as it was stained. Then I took this stencil from Hobby Lobby of a beehive and stenciled it onto the background.

Fourth, I removed some of the beads and I painted the remaining beads at the top in black, white and yellow. These colors match the colors used on the bee.

Fifth, I made a messy bow using ribbons that went with my color theme, even added a little raffia for an extra messy look! Next, I took a coffee dyed tag and used some stamps from Dollar Tree and added them to the tag.

Step Six, I glued my bee to the center of the sign.

Finally, I added the bow and tag to the top of the sign. I let it hang kind of low as I wanted it to cover the hole from where the hanger was on the bee.

Here it all finished!! I think it turned out so ADORABLE!! I am totally loving bee decor lately; it is so fun and bright!

What do you think, is it cute or what? Do you think you’ll try your hand at making this Dollar Tree Metal Bee Hanger?

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