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Chippy Scrap Wood Pumpkins

I found some scrap wood on the side of the road, so of course I had to grab it. They look like they may have been scraps from a railing. Instantly knew I was going to make some pumpkins, and knew I wanted to try a new to me technique. These were going to be chippy pumpkins. You may have seen this before or maybe even done it, but I haven’t. So follow along and see this new to me technique for my chippy scrap wood pumpkins or learn how to do this also!


Scrap Wood

Paint- Acrylic or Chalk- Chalk works better for this technique (orange, white)

Brown Wax

Paint Scraper

Embellishments (your choice)


First, stain your pumpkins and the stems with the brown wax.

Second, take some Vaseline and spread it on the edges and random spots on your pumpkins you don’t want paint to stick. I just use my finger to add it.

Third, add a thick, like really thick coat of paint to each. Do NOT brush back and forth just add all the paint in one direction.

Fourth, allow them to site until they are almost dry, like above.

Fifth step, once they are almost dry, drag your paint scraper across them removing some of the paint. Do not remove all the paint, leave enough for the chipped paint look. Once you’re done scraping allow them to dry the rest of the way.

Sixth step, glue on your stems.

Finally, add your embellishments! I used some twine, leaves and floral picks all from Dollar Tree!


Do you think you’ll be making some chippy scrap wood pumpkins??! Have you ever tried the chippy paint technique!

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  1. SANDI ALLEN says:

    Great idea! Love them🧡

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