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Dollar Tree Owl Makeover

Sometimes when I am wandering the aisles of Dollar Tree, I come across something that is cute but just needs that extra something to be even cuter! Well, I found this little owl (and I love owls!) and while he was sort of cute on his own, he didn’t really match my décor though. Well I knew I could make him even cuter and match my décor. Check out this adorable Dollar Tree owl makeover! I think you’ll like it!

See, he is kind of cute right??

I grabbed some white acrylic paint and decided to paint him all white!

I gave him a couple coats, drying in between coats. This already has totally changed how he looked! LOVE it!!

Once I had him covered in a few coats of paint, I grabbed a piece of sandpaper and lightly sanded him. Focusing mostly on the raised areas of his body.

He came out perfect, exactly like I had imagined! It was super easy to do, and didn’t cost me anything extra because I already had the paint and sandpaper on hand! So for $1.00 I have this adorable little white chippy owl for my shelf!


What a transformation, from drab to FAB!

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