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Dollar Tree Beach Frame

Summer always reminds me of the beach! I don’t live far from the beach, but not close enough to visit every day, so I am bringing the beach home! This was super easy to make and turned out so cute!! Come see how easy it is to make this Dollar Tree Beach Frame!


Dollar Tree Frame
Glass Pieces – Hobby Lobby
Mod Podge
White Chalk Paint

First thing I did was remove the glass from the frame and clean it and then I painted the frame with a couple coats of white chalk paint, the black color wasn’t going to work for this project.

Second, I added a coat of Mod Podge onto the bottom of the glass and sprinkled it with some sand I got at Dollar Tree. As you can see, I left a little room at the bottom for the glass to fit ack in the frame.

Third, I put some Mod Podge in the shape of a wave. Well, the best wave shape I could do lol. Once i had the Mod podge on and I went thick with it I started to add these small stones I got at Hobby Lobby. Once I got the first layer on, I took some hot glue and added more to make a top layer gluing them on top of the others. You can make this as thick as you want. Be sure to leave room on the side for the frame.

Next, I glued some shells I got at Dollar Tree onto the sand. Pop the glass back into the frame.

That’s it, all done!!

How stinkin’ cute did this turn out!!? I absolutely love it!!

Do you think you’ll make Dollar Tree Beach Frame?

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