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Dollar Tree Spring Tag

The cold weather is finally behind us and the snow is all melted. I can’t wait for sunny warm days, flowers blooming and leaves on the trees. So I figured why not start doing some Spring time crafts to warm up the house, while waiting for Mother Nature to bring on the sunshine. Follow along with me for this Dollar Tree Spring Tag.


Wooden Tag- Dollar Tree

Window Clings- Dollar General

Two Wooden Beads


Paint- White, Teal & Pink

Mod Podge

Glitter Paint

Start by taking the twine out of the top of the wooden tag. Then paint the wooden tag with your white paint. While the tag is drying, paint your beads one each of pink and teal. The paint could take up to two coats to fully cover.

Once the paint on your wooden tag is dry, apply your window cling to the center of the tag. You can choose whatever cling you would like. I went with a flowering can, which I think is super cute. Apply a layer of Mod Podge over your window cling to seal it onto the tag.

Next string your beads through your twine that you removed in step 1. After you have added the beads string the twine back through the hole at the top of the wooden tag.

Now add some of your glitter paint across the front of the wooden tag

Once your glitter paint is dry your craft is complete. I think this came out so adorable I can’t wait to display it for the upcoming season. It is going to look so cute hanging on a door or in a window. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Spring Tag?

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