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Dollar Tree St Patrick’s Sign

Let’s make a super cute and easy sign using some of those Dollar Tree window clings. You know I love an inexpensive and quick project. Those window clings make the best projects, from one sheet you can get a few projects out of them! You can use them on the windows too, but who does that?! LOL, just kidding I do that with them too! Come check out this Dollar Tree St Patrick’s Sign I made! You will love it, I promise!

Here are my supplies, not many things you need. A Dollar Tree sign, window clings, scrapbook paper and some green paint. I also had this bundle of twisted paper in black, this is optional, or you can use twine. It is up to you, make it your own.

I give the idea, how you execute it is your decision!

As with all the signs from Dollar Tree I makeover, I pulled it apart and took off the welcome and then painted it green. The color is Citrus Green, Folk Art paint by Plaid. This took two coats and then I added a coat of mod podge when the paint dried just to seal it on.

Next I took the scrapbook paper, cut it to the size of the backing and mod podged that on.

Once it was dry I used Elmer’s craft glue and glued the backing back into the frame.

Here is where I added that rolled black paper, I just ran it along all 4 sides. I felt like it really gave the inside a pop!

It is now time to add our truck, I just used mod podge on the back of the window cling and put it in the center. Then I added a coat of mod podge over the whole truck.

That is it, all done!! Super simple and easy and turns out ADORABLE!! This is great addition to your tier tray décor or even just to use as a shelf sitter.

I totally love how this turned out! So CUTE!!

I hope you enjoyed this Dollar Tree St Patrick’s Sign DIY, check out my others below!

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