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Fall Pallet Sign

I am always on the look out for surfaces I can paint on or re-do, I always check yard sales, thrift stores and even the clearance section at stores. You never know what you’ll find. It can be expensive to buy a blank surface or you may not have the ability to make your own from scratch. This sign is a yard sale find, it was only $1! While I wasn’t a fan of how it looked, I knew I could use it for something. Just a little elbow grease and the become a PERFECT Fall Pallet Sign! I know you’ll love it!

Step 1

The first thing I did was grab my sander and sanded off all of that purple and gold! Already an improvement! =)

Step 2

was to stain this sign, I used Minwax Dark Walnut stain ( it is my favorite color stain) and just an old t-shirt I cut up for a rag to apply the stain. I sat it outside and let it dry.

Step 3

was to make a stencil, but not any stencil I needed one to cover up the stain so I didn’t get paint on the stain. I wanted a two tone look. I am always looking at craft stores and Dollar Tree for not only things I can paint, but what can I use for a pattern also. Which is why I grabbed that wooden leave I got at Dollar Tree one to paint and to use it as template. I placed it on some clear contact paper, traced it and cut it out. Once I had my leaf cut out I peeled the backing off the contact paper and placed it on the pallet in the center. This is so I can paint around it and not get anything on the stain under the leaf, which would is the focal point of my sign.

Step 4

I used just some white acrylic paint and dry brushed all around my leaf stencil, I didn’t fully cover my wood in white, I wanted some of the stain to still show through.

Step 5

once your white paint is dry you can peel off your contact paper and you get this beautiful stained leave in the center! I LOVE the contrast of this! Focal point success!

Step 6

was to stencil on my Hello Fall, that I wanted over the leaf! I got this stencil at Joann’s and I have used t on so many things, it is just adorable! It was just what my sign needed! I just used orange acrylic paint and my foam pouncer and added a light coat to my stencil. I am loving the dark stain, the white and orange, this sign just screams Fall!

Step 7 of our Fall Pallet Sign

and the last step was to add a little raffia bow and cute little brown button! I think it made the perfect finishing touch!

I am LOVING the way this looks!!

OH MY!! I LOVE IT! I mean can you even believe this is the same sign?! It looks so different! What an improvement! I have been crafting for 30 years, and I am still amazed by what paint and stain can do to transform an item! Fall pallet sign perfection!

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