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Easy Fall Acorn Sign

I just couldn’t resist this acorn at Dollar Tree, I love all their seasonal wood cutouts! My thought was well I can make one easy fall acorn sign with it! I grabbed some florals, twine, paint and twine and for to work! I love how it turned out!

Here are the supplies you will need! You can pick your choice of florals, I really just liked these ones. I used Folk Art brown wax ( Hobby Lobby), and burnt umber acrylic paint (Walmart). All my other supplies are from Dollar Tree!

The first thing I did was take a pencil and divide the acorn into two pieces. I didn’t want to get wax on the cap area of the acorn.

Then I took the wax and painted it onto just the bottom part of the acorn, then I used a rag to wipe off any excess wax. This gives it such a nice stained look! =)

The next steps I took was to paint the cap area with the burnt umber paint. Then I took twine and wrapped it all around the middle just under the cap and glued it in place. Then I took my ribbon and made 4 loops and glued it all in the center to hold the loops in place.

Once the glue dried I glued it onto the left side right on top of the twine.

Then cut up some of my smaller flowers and placed them on either side of my makeshift bow, and glued them in place using my glue gun.

Next I grabbed one of the big flowers and pulled it off the stem, it has a nub sticking out of the back, I cut that off so it would sit flat. Then I glued it into place on top of the smaller florals.

I just love how this turned out! It was so easy to make and the price was even better! I love how adorable something from Dollar Tree can turn out! Do you think you’ll make one?

You totally should! It is an EASY Fall Acorn Sign!

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  1. Terri Wilhelm says:

    I found two of these in my stash from last year. I’ve been buying stuff for the last couple of years and have several totes full of things for “someday I’ll craft”. So I’m a newbie at crafting. Lol. I have enjoyed watching your videos for months. You make the “how to” easy to follow. I’m pulling a few things out of my stash to work on. A trip to Walmart is needed to get the wax. Thank you for inspiring me. đŸ’•

  2. Janice Payton says:

    I love this. So cute.

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