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Farmhouse Dollar Tree Egg

I loved this egg I found at Dollar Tree and wanted to make something completely different with it than how it originally came. It didn’t take me long to come up with the perfect craft idea, and I couldn’t wait to get started on it. This craft took a few different supplies most of which I had, and if you chose to make one for yourselves it could always be changed up or added to as well. I hope you follow along with this Farmhouse Dollar Tree Egg and love it as much as I do!


Dollar Tree Egg
Dollar Tree Farmhouse Stencil
1/2 Wood Beads
Buffalo Check Scrapbook Paper
Buffalo Check Ribbon
Burlap Ribbon 
Black & White Paint
Antique Wax

First, I removed the bunny and the easter cutouts from the egg. Just apply so heat and use a scraper and it pops right off.

Second, I painted the entire egg with the white paint.

Third, I tapped on the farmhouse stencil to the center of the egg.

Fourth, I used the black paint to stencil on the farmers market stencil. I then carefully removed the stencil from the egg.

Fifth, I cut out a couple pieces of the buffalo check scrapbook paper and secured them to the top and bottom of the egg using Mod Podge. I then cut off the excess.

Sixth, I coated the base of the egg with Antique Wax.

Seventh, I cut two lengths of the burlap ribbon and used hot glue to secure a piece onto the top and bottom of the egg slightly overlapping the scrapbook paper.

Eighth, I painted the 1/2 wood beads with the black paint.

Ninth, I then glued the 1/2 beads onto both pieces of the burlap ribbon, evenly spaced.

Tenth, I hot glued a couple pieces of the greenery to the center of the egg base.

Finally, I cut a length of the buffalo check ribbon, tying it into a bow. I then hot glued that to the center of the greenery.

Here is the project all completed, how do you think it came out? I absolutely couldn’t be any happier with the final result of this project, it exceeded how I thought it would turn out. I’m struggling to decide if I want to add this particular craft to my new craft booth or if I want to keep it all for myself. I’m hoping you enjoyed following along with this Farmhouse Dollar Tree Egg and that you decide to give it a go too!

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