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DIY Thrifted Farmhouse Cutting Board Sign

I’m at it again with another amazing thrift store find! One of my favorite things is to turn someone else’s tossed out items into something beautiful again! When I find items that inspire me to create something amazing out of them I can’t wait to get them home and get started on it. I hope you enjoy this DIY Thrifted Farmhouse Cutting Board Sign, and give one a try too!


Thrifted Cutting Board
Thrifted Metal Plate
Farmhouse Stencil – Dollar Tree
Boxwood Greenery – Walmart 
Buffalo Check Ribbon
Paints- White and Black & Tape 

First, I painted the entire cutting board with the black paint.

Second, I taped the farmers market stencil on the inside of the metal plate and then painted it black.

Third, I painted over the black on the cutting board with the white paint.

Fourth, once the cutting board was dry, I used tape to make a wide strip down the center of the board and then painted it black.

Fifth, I then used the strips of tape again to make two more stripes on each side of the fatter one and painted those black.

Sixth, I lightly sanded over the whole cutting board.

Seventh, I used E-6000 and hot glue to secure the metal plate to the center of the cutting board.

Eighth, I used some of the Boxwood greenery and hot glued it at the top of the metal plate.

Finally, I then tied a bow out of the buffalo check ribbon and hot glued it to the center of the greenery.

Here it is all completed, how do you think it turned out? I absolutely love turning thrift store finds into my own creation! I couldn’t be happier with the way this one turned out, and can’t wait to hang it! I’m hoping you loved this DIY Thrifted Farmhouse Cutting Board Sign as much as I loved creating it and make one too!

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