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DIY Thrifted Bird Planter

I love searching through the thrift stores, finding someone else’s junk and coming up with ideas to turn them into beautiful craft pieces! This DIY Thrifted Bird Planter was just one of the many perfect finds! I couldn’t wait to get it home and turn it into something beautiful to display. I hope you enjoy this DIY and are able to find something similar to give this project a try too!


Thrifted Bird Planter
Floral Foam
Spanish Moss 

First, I placed a piece of the floral foam inside the thrifted bird planter.

Second, I stuffed Spanish Moss all around the floral foam.

Finally, I placed the succulent into the floral foam. This is the final result of the project, how do you think it turned out? I couldn’t be happier with the way this came out! It was such a simple craft, and took no time at all to get it completed. This could be placed anywhere you chose to put him. With a change of the succulent, he could bring any decor together! What do you think, will you give this DIY Thrifted Bird Planter a try for yourself?

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This is just one of many projects I have made and will be making for my new booth. I am keeping track of what is selling and what is not and what I feel is trending in my area. I’ll be checking in every so often and giving you updates!

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