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DIY Witch Broom

I always love to have a couple quick craft ideas rolling around in my head. Especially when I have an unexpected guest coming over and I need that one little something to make things stand out. So when I was poking around on Instagram the other day I found this super easy and quick craft from Olive_Barn_Studios that really inspired me to throw this cute little project together. Follow along with me for a DIY Witch Broom.


Mini Scented Brooms- Dollar Tree

Sticks- From my yard

Sweet Annie- I had in my stash

Mini Signs- I had in my stash

White Paint

Sand Paper

I started off by painting the mini signs that I had with my white paint.

After the paint dried I went over the signs lightly with some sandpaper to give it a distressed look. I then added some cute little sayings with a black marker.

Next I took one of my sticks and added it into the center of the scented broom. If you would like you can add a little dab of hot glue to make sure that the stick stays secure.

Now go ahead and add your Sweet Annie to the front of the bow. I used some twine to tie this on. You could use a bow or any kind of ribbon that you might have on hand.

I then went ahead and attached my mini sign by tying my twine in a bow and allowing the sign to hang off of it.

This was so easy and quick to make. I love that the brooms are scented and can be used to replace a candle in any room of the house while adding some holiday fun into the mix. Do you think you will make a DIY Witch Broom?

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