Tuesday’s Display Chain, Only You!

Here is my gingerbread man I have had for almost 30yrs he was made by my Aunt Kitty! My Aunt Kitty died when I was young and this was something she had made me around the time she passed! I as a child slept with this every night and even into my adult years until I passed it to one of my children. He always made me feel safe and relaxed and holding him took me to a special place far away from the real world of which we live. I had a terrible childhood and at times I never thought the days would end, but they did and at the end I had him waiting to cuddle and wash away the day! I had never really thought about how much he meant to me until I saw this weeks display chain and I instantly thought of him. When I have friends over or even family they always say “Oh My You Still Have Him??” I proudly say “Yes I Do!” and I hear “Why?” and I reply “You just wouldn’t understand!”~ I will keep him forever and ever and I hope my kids will keep him for me until after I am gone and keep my love and memory alive for him and Aunt Kitty until eternity! Aunt Kitty, Gingie and I are grateful to be a part of this Tuesdays display chain! Thank You So Much! =)

Tuesday’s Display Chain Only You!

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