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Vintage Grater Wall Vase

While out thrifting a while ago I came across this grater, it was rusty and vintage looking and only $1.00. So, of course I bought it!! I figured I could do something fun with it, and tis project is just that! This DIY is fun, cute and EASY! My little pint sized helper Ryker did an amazing job, he loves to help Gammie paint and I love to have him help! He may have some of Gammie’s creative genes! =) Follow along with Ryker and I while we make this DIY vintage grater wall vase!


Vintage Grater

5 gal paint stirrers (how many you need will depend on the size of your grater)

1 gallon paint stirrers (I used 2)

Old glass bottle (Yard sale is where I got mine)


Florals (your choice) these can be changed out for holidays and seasons, or to match your decor

Ribbon or lace

First, you’ll want to cut down your paint stirrers. I laid my grater on it and decided how long I needed them to be. I used 4 large ones for the back and 2 small stirrers for the top and bottom pieces. When I laid them out I left the ruler side up, just for a more rustic and vintage vibe, then I laid the out and used a combo of hot glue and wood glue to attach the top and bottom pieces. This held really well, you can add another brace in the back center if needed.

Second, apply your brown wax. For this step I had a helper, just paint on the wax and wipe off excess with a rag. He loved painting with me, he was so proud of his paint job! Once all of the wax is applied, you can use a heat gun to dry it. Ryker really liked this part lol. You can add a hanger to the back using twine or wire.

Third, take your wire and cut a couple of pieces, place your bottle onto the grater, then pull the wire around the neck of the bottle and through the holes of the grater one at a time. Twist them tightly in the back, this will hold the bottle to the grater.

Step 4, add your ribbon or ribbon to the bottle to cover the wire. Then I used hot glue and E6000 to attach the grater to my board.

Finally, add your florals to the bottle!! All Finished!!

How stinking ADORABLE did this turn out?! I LOVE IT!!

If you love rustic, farmhouse, vintage and upcycled stuff this project is for you! It is soo awesome! Will you be on the look out for a vintage grater to make vintage grater wall vase?

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  1. I have a collection of that bottle you used with the grater, wooooooow & it’s
    A-(aaaaaaaaah)dorable Janis !! I’m making as soon as I find a grater lol!!! Maybe I might paint my bottle with a color , 🤔 think it will show a bit more ???!!

  2. Charli Robinson says:

    Very nice. I still use a grater (newer version) like this one.

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