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Dollar Tree Farmers Market Sign

I love creating crafts where I get most of my supplies at the Dollar Tree! Making craft projects that are inexpensive to put together are some of my favorites! I’ve used this farmhouse stencil multiple times, as I’m sure you’ve noticed! It’s one of my favorites! Follow along with this Dollar Tree Farmers Market Sign and give one a go too!


Dollar Tree Sign
Wood Round
Dollar Tree Farmhouse Stencil
Sage Green & White Paint

First, I painted the Dollar Tree sign with the sage green paint. I also painted every other bead on the hanger with the sage green paint as well.

Second, I painted the wood round and every other bead on the sign with the white paint.

Third, I used the sage green paint with the stencil and stenciled onto the wood round.

Fourth, I glued the wood round to the center of the hanging sign.

Fifth, I hot glued a bunch of greenery to the top of the sign.

Finally, I cut a bunch of equal length ribbons as well as raffia, creating a bow and tying it together with the raffia. I then glued it to the center of the greenery, adding a button to the center of that.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I couldn’t be happier with the final results of this craft project, it came out exactly how I envisioned it would! The green with the white and the greenery just makes the whole project stand out! This has to be one of my more favorite farmers market signs I’ve made! I hope you enjoyed following along with this Dollar Tree Farmers Market Sign, and have decided that you want to make one of your own!

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