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Halloween Thrift Store Frame

I ALWAYS look for frames at thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets, you just never know what cool frames you’ll find! This one I found and really liked the design, I think I paint $1 maybe even .50 cents and saved it for a rainy day, well today is that day! I turned this thrift store frame into a SUPER cute Halloween frame! Come check out this Halloween Thrift Store Frame!


For this project I didn’t really have a set supply list, I kind of just added as I went.

Thrift Store Frame

Scrapbook Paper – Joanns

Paints, green, purple, black and orange

Jenga blocks – NOT the Dollar Tree ones, the real ones

Wooden Letters- Spelling out Eek

Half Wooden Beads

First, paint the frame, I used a bright lime green! Then I painted 1 letter and 2 beads each orange, 1 letter and two beads purple, the 1 letter black and two beads green. I wanted this project to be colorful, cheerful and FUN!

Second, I cut my black and white striped paper and placed it in my frame.

Third, I glued 4 Jenga blocks together and painted them black. Once they dried I cut out the spider image from the scrapbook paper and Mod Podged it on the Jenga blocks. This paper is AMAZING it had so many fun designs to choose from!

Fourth, I glued my Jenga blocks to the center of my frame, then I alternated my half wood beads above and below the Jenga blocks.

Finally, I glued my E-E-K down the left side of the frame and that is it, DONE!

Here is how it turned out, I LOVE THIS! So fun, colorful, bright, whimsical almost and screams Happy Halloween!

This Halloween Thrift Store Frame was truly so fun to make and play with all the design elements and colors! I love being able to let my creativity and imagination run wild!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, if you did check out more on My Blog below and follow me on Social Media!



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  1. This is sooo cute, one of my favorite Halloween decorations yet!!!

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