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2 Five Minute Wreaths

Are you looking for a simple, quick and cheap way to brighten up your front door?? Well here is 2 five minute wreaths, that are quick and cheap to make!

Here is the first one, it is beautiful and takes only 5 minutes!

You can find the tutorial here!

Here is another 5 minute wreath, that is simple, bright and quick to make! It is also super cheap to make! I mean does it get any better than that??!?

You can find the tutorial here!

It is awesome to find ways to make your home beautiful without spending a fortune!

I hope you enjoyed these 2 five minute wreaths! I would love for you to share if you make one or both of them! We have Facebook group for everyone to share their creations.

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There is so much more to see on my Facebook page, come check it out!


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