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Snowman Winter Sign

Check out super cute and simple this Snowman Valentines Sign is! I love snowmen and wanted to make one to stay out all winter right up until Valentines Day! This was perfect! This was easy and inexpensive to make, most of the supplies I had on hand or was able to get from the Dollar Tree!

Here are the supplies~

Wooden Sign (Dollar Tree)

Wooden Round Cuts (Hobby Lobby, I had these on hand from other projects)

Scrapbook Paper (I had on hand)

Heart Ribbon

White Acrylic Paint

Red Acrylic Paint

Glue Gun


Paint your pieces. First the 3 wooden rounds in just the centers with the white paint, and paint the sign on the edges and sides.

Trace out your sign onto the scrapbook paper, and cut it out. I just LOVE this paper!

Once it is all cut out, use mod podge and attach the paper to the sign. Then I dry brushed white around the edges up onto the paper, gave a wintery, snowy look.

Let that all dry and then flip it over and glue some twine onto the back for a hanger.

Next, glue all 3 wooden rounds onto the board stacked on top of each other, like a snowman!

Cut a strip of your ribbon as long as you choose and hot glue it onto the snowman’s neck.

Using the red paint, paint a small heart in the center of the snowman.

That is it, he is all done! Admire Your work!

OHHHH, he came out so cute!! He can be used for Valentines, Christmas and ALL winter long! I love crafts that can be used for more than just one occasion! Snowmen just steal my heart! <3


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