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Upcycled Yard Sale Tray

I saw this little tray at a yard sale and as beat up as it was I couldn’t pass it up! I just knew it could be so cute, it just needed a new look, and OH BOY did it get that! It is truly amazing what spray paint and Dollar Tree contact paper can do! Just wait and see how this upcycled yard sale tray turned out!

The first thing I did was clean it up and gave it a nice sanding. It was a little rusty on the tray part, I used a fine grit sandpaper and it came right off. I wanted a nice clean surface to paint on. When I was done sanding, I wrapped the handles in painters tape.

Then I took some SERIOUSLY hot pink spray paint and painted the whole tray with it! It was crazy bright! I should probably mention this is going to be a gift for my niece and she is turning 5, and is a total diva! She is going to LOVE it!

After spraying it with the hot pink, I taped off the rest of it and painted the handles and nice high gloss black. Wow already looking AMAZING!

Once that was all dry, it was time to add the final touch. Dollar Tree has all sorts of fun contact paper, I grabbed the black and white flower print one and cut it to size and added it to the bottom of the tray.

I think it turned out amazing! Spray paint and contact paper can take something to a whole new level! I really hope my niece loves it! It will be perfect for her to put her makeup and all her trinkets and treasures. Tell me what you think of this Upcycled Yard Sale Tray.

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  1. Lori Eagle says:

    I love your stuff. I just found it last week. Looks like I’ll be getting busy. My dollar tree has very few craft supplies. I wish they online ordered stuff. Thanks for sharing

    1. You can order from Dollar Tree online and have delivered to the store with no shipping cost. They are offering more things in small quantities and you do not have to buy a full case.

  2. It turned out great. Perfect for a Diva!!!

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