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DIY Decoupaged Wood Pumpkin

I absolutely love creating for the Fall Season! It is one of my most favorite Seasons of the whole year! When it gets closer to Thanksgiving and Halloween I really like to get the pumpkin crafts going. When I went through some of the napkins I have for my store and found the pumpkin I knew I had to use it somehow to make a pumpkin come to life, and the DIY Decoupaged Wood Pumpkin was born! I wonder if you’ll give this a try too!


Wooden Pumpkin Shape
Mod Podge
Candy Corn Brad
Antique Wax
Orange Pain

First, I painted the body of the wooden pumpkin orange.

Second, I opened the napkin over the wood pumpkin and aligned the pumpkin face. I then cut the napkin to fit to size.

Third, I covered the wood pumpkin body with Mod Podge and secured the napkin to it. I made sure to leave enough napkin to go over the edges of the pumpkin. I then used Antique Wax on the stem and around the edge of the pumpkin.

Fourth, I used some orange Raffia and tied a bow around the stem.

Finally, I secured the candy corn brad to the Raffia on the stem.

Here’s the final project, what do you think? I love how this DIY Decoupaged Wood Pumpkin turned out! The colors really pop and stand out making it look like it’s actually cut open! I love to bring pumpkins to life in the crafts I put together and I think this may be one of my favorites! Do you think You might give this a try too?

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