DIY Dollar Tree Cloche

I have become kind of obsessed with cloches, I just adore them! They are so fun to decorate and display. I recently made an Easter one, and it is AMAZING, you can see it here! However, I did not have one for everyday use, so I looked to buy one and well they are not in my budget. I am more of a $1 and thrift store type of girl haha! So I went searching for a DIY for one and I came across a few I liked, and incorporated them into one idea! That is the beauty of DIY, you can make it your own! So I headed to where else, THE DOLLAR TREE! You’re going to love what I came up with for this DIY Dollar Tree Cloche!


Small Metal Basket (DT)

Burner Cover, Small One

Candle Holder

Small Wooden Disc (had in my stash)

Drawer Pull/Handle (had in my stash)

White Spray Paint

Step 1, glue your pieces together. I used E600 and hot glue. Glue your burner cover upside down onto the candle holder. Then glue your knob onto the wooden disc and then to the basket. Once I the disc glued on the top of the basket, I flipped the basket over and added some glue under to give it extra security. Let your glue dry fully!

Step 2, drag your pieces outside and lay them out on a tarp or something and then spray them white, or whatever color you choose. I ended up doing three coats, it dried fast with the slight breeze and sun. I allowed to fully dry overnight and they were done! Now to decorate it!

Here is It all finished and decorated for Easter! How stinkin’ cute is this?!

Here is another way to decorate it for Easter! I can not wait to decorate it and use it for all seasons!

Will you make a DIY Dollar Tree Cloche?

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