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DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Rug

Halloween is right around the corner and I am super excited to start decorating. What’s better than getting to someones house and seeing some fun decorations right away?! What is even better is when they cost next to nothing to make!! Follow along with me and learn how to make this DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Rug.


Dollar Tree Rug

Dollar Tree Wood Cut Outs (your choice)


Orange Spray Paint

Acrylic Paints- White and Yellow

Sponge Stamper (round ones, two different sizes)

Step 1, take your Dollar Tree wood cut outs and use a piece of tape to cover the holes at the top of them. Then place them onto the rug arranged anyway that you would like. After they are arranged you are going to apply your first coat of spray paint.

Step 2, apply a second coat of spray paint over the cut outs so that the shapes you have chosen stand out well.

Step 3, once your paint is dry remove your cut outs from your rug. Place the wooden cut outs in a safe place, these will be used for future projects.

Step 4, grab your acrylic paints and sponge stampers. If you have different colors or shapes feel free to coordinate them into this project as you see fit.

Final step, use your sponge stampers to add yellow and white dots around the rug. I was going for candy corn type of look. You can place them anywhere you would like on the rug. You can also use whatever colors you would like.

This project was super fun and easy to make and came out so neat looking, I can’t wait to put it out for Halloween!! It may not be perfect, but I love it anyway. It is so fun! Do you think you will try to make this DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Rug?

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