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DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Truck Sign

With Valentines Day right around the corner now is the time to start making those super cute crafts. When I was at Dollar Tree the other day and saw an adorable wooden truck cut out, I knew that I could use it in a Valentines Day craft instead of my normal Christmas go to. Follow along with me and learn how to make a DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Truck Sign.


Wooden Truck

Dollar Tree Metal Tray

Dollar Tree Wooden Cubes

Hobby Lobby Stickers

Ribbon (your choice)

Paints (your choice)

Dollar Tree Small Rosettes

Dollar Tree Wooden Tag

Dollar Tree Mini Wooden Heart

Hot Glue

I started by using my paints to go over everything wooden that needed some color added to it. I also painted my tray with white paint.

After the paint on my wooden truck cut out dried I added the 2 small wooden blocks to back of the truck using hot glue.

Next add some stickers of your choice to the truck and your wooden tag. Now hot glue your wooden truck to the metal tray.

Now take the ribbons that you chose and make an “X” bow. This will be tied together using a small piece of twine.

Next attach the wooden tag to the bow that you just made and hot glue the bow to the top left corner of your metal tray.

Now again using your hot glue attach a small rosette to the center of the bow. This will cover up the knot where the wooden tag was attached.

Next add some little paint embellishments to the small wooden tag to make it stand out.

Now add some more of your stickers around the metal tray to add some extra cuteness to the craft.

Now attach a ribbon to the back of the tray to make your hanger. I used some hot glue and two small thin pieces of wood to make it extra sturdy.

This came out so adorable, and I’m super excited to find a place to hang it in my house for the upcoming holiday. It would look absolutely adorable incorporated into a Valentines Day candy bar or just hanging on the front door of your house. Do you think you will make a DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Truck Sign?

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