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DIY Snowman Salt Shaker

It is my love of snowman that keeps me making a snowman out of just about anything I can find! I did this project a few years ago, but it was a video When I found this set of shakers I knew I wanted to use it somehow in a Christmas craft, and this DIY Snowman Salt Shaker came to life! It was such a fun, yet simple project to make and I hope you enjoy this DIY and give it a try too!


Salt Shaker
Styrofoam Ball
SnowTex – Faux Snow
Air Dry Clay
Faux Snow
Red and White Ticking Fabric 
Mini Ball Ornament
Mini Tree
Candy Cane
Rusty – Bell, Safety Pin and Snowflake 
Paint – Black, Orange and Red

First, I covered the styrofoam ball in Snow Tex.

Second, I took a small chunk of Air-Dry Clay and formed a triangular shape, which I’ll use for the snowman nose. I set it aside to let dry.

Third, I hot glued the mini Christmas tree atop of the mini ball ornament.

Fourth, I added some faux snow inside the salt shaker and then added the mini tree and ornament to it.

Fifth, I hot glued the styrofoam ball to the top of the shaker.

Sixth, I took the nose I made from the Air-Dry Clay and painted it orange, then hot glued it to the styrofoam ball.

Seventh, I hot glued the salt shaker top to the snowman head as part of his hat.

Eighth, I used blotted a small amount or fed paint to the snowman head to make the rosy cheeks. I then used the end of my paintbrush with black paint to dot on the mouth and the eyes.

Ninth, I cut a small piece of tinsel and hot glued it around the top of the hat.

Tenth, I tied a piece of the red and white ticking fabric around the shaker and used the rusty pin to attach the rusty bell to the fabric.

Eleventh, I took a small amount of the Snow Tex and created a small circle and hot glued it to the shaker top as the top of the hat.


I hot glued a mini candy cane to the ticking fabric and then hot glued the rusty snowflake to the bottom corner.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I love this, it’s so fun and festive and was a blast to make! He’s not huge so he could be placed practically anywhere to add some holiday spirit to any room! Do you think you might be giving this DIY Snowman Salt Shaker a try? Merry Christmas!

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