Dollar Tree Shabby Chic Heart Ornament

Have you seen these little Dollar Tree heart ornaments, they are just too stinkin’ cute! I knew I needed to make something with one or many of them haha. This one came out so cute, it has a shabby chic and a bit of a victorian vibe. I have this new found love for mixed media creations, and that is just what I did with this heart! So come check out my Dollar Tree shabby chic heart ornament! This was super fun to make and I just used a bunch of supplies I had on hand, that is the fun of mixed media. It is pretty much anything goes!


Dollar Tree Wooden Heart

Scraps of fabric

Dollar Tree glitter letters

Dollar Tree jewel stickers

Dusty mauve acrylic paint

Small strip of muslin

Silver pipe cleaners

Glue gun

Mod Podge

This is what I used, but feel free to use what you have on hand and create your own!

First I gave it a nice coat of the dusty mauve, on the whole heart.

Second I mod podged my fabric on, I put one different one on top and one different one on bottom. In between I added the small strip of muslin using the mod podge as well. I used the Mod Podge on the whole heart over all the fabric.

Once the Mod Podge dried I cut down the fabric and then sanded the excess off.

Here is where I added the glitter stickers, right over the muslin. Once I had them stuck, I used some Mod Podge over them to make sure they were adhered well.

Then above and below the LOVE I added the jewel stickers, this was such a great addition!

It is now time to add the final touch, the silver pipe cleaners. I just wrapped it around the heart on the edge, using my glue gun to secure it into place. This really just tied everything together and made the whole project look complete!

LOVE how this turned out!! So cute and fun to make! It also isn’t just for Valentines Day, it can be left out all the time! Don’t you just love crafts and décor that can be used all the time and not just seasonally!

Do you love this Dollar Tree Shabby Chic Heart Ornament??

Hope this inspires you to make one, and that you’ll come share it with me!

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  1. Michelle Stephanie Walz says:

    I love textures ♡ the mixed media does just that ♡ the layes, the textures, the colors…who wouldn’t want to display the fun in creating you had today♡

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