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DIY Frosty Vintage Style Frame

I’m back at the Christmas crafting again! I love this time of year; it has to be one of my absolute favorite holiday seasons! With snow lightly falling and a warm fire, sitting in my craft room sipping on a hot cup of coffee while I put all my ideas into something that brings not only myself, but others joy is an incredible feeling! I hope you enjoy this DIY Frosty Vintage Style Frame as much as I enjoyed making it and give one a try for yourselves! Merry Christmas!


Walmart Frosty Ornament

Wooden Picture Frame

Candy Cane Striped Scrapbook Paper



Black Mesh Ribbon

Silver Bell

Red and Black Paint

Mod Podge

First, I took the frame apart and painted the wooden part with the red paint. I did a couple of coats of paint, to be sure it was fully covered.

Second, I measured and cut the scrapbook paper to fit over the wooden section of the frame, making the cutout in the center to match where the glass of the frame had been.

Third, I used Mod Podge to secure the scrapbook paper to the frame. I then lightly sanded the edges to get any excess paper off.

Fourth, I glued the Frosty ornament into where the frame opening was. You can use a mixture of hot glue and super glue here.

Fifth, I used my ink applicator and added black around all the edges of the frame. I then took a small piece of greenery and hot glued it to the top, center of the frame.

Finally, I tied a bow with the black mess ribbon, I also tied another bow with the white polka dot ribbon and hot glued them onto the greenery. I then hot glued the silver bell to the ribbons. Once that was done I used the ink applicator again with the black paint and added a little to the bell.

Here is the final project all finished, what do you think? I love how this turned out, with the Frosty ornament in the center! Frosty, and the white and red design just brings the Christmas feel in my opinion! I set this out immediately with all my other holiday decorations! Do you think You’ll give this DIY Frosty Vintage Style Frame a try for yourself? Merry Christmas!

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