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Welcome Spring Door Hanger

I always love to have something seasonal hanging on my front door. I feel like it just gives everybody a feeling of welcome when they come to my home. Whether it is something that fits in for an upcoming holiday or just for the weather I always make sure to have a little something hanging. Follow along with me for a Welcome Spring Door Hanger.


Wood Round- Family Dollar

Welcome Wood Cutout- Dollar Tree



Mesh Ribbon-Dollar Tree

Tissue Paper- Dollar Tree

Burlap Ribbon


Paints- White, Green, Brown and Silver

First we are going to start off by taking the little flower pot and garden rake off of the Welcome sign. Once those are removed we are going to paint them as well as the welcome sign and the wood round with our white paint. When painting the Welcome sign skip over the boots. You also will need to remove the hanger from the Welcome sign.

Next cover over the sign with Mod Podge and then place your tissue paper on top. When doing this we again are going to skip over the boots. Sand off the excess a nail file helps greatly with this.

Now paint the Welcome boots and the top of your little wooden plant with your green paint. The handle of the little garden rake as well as the plant pot will be covered in brown, and the forks of the rake will be silver. Once the paint is dry go ahead and reattach them to the Welcome sign using a small amount of hot glue. I also added some antique brown wax to the round and to the welcome sign. I did the grooves on the sign to give it more depth and went around the edges. This step is optional.

Now attach your burlap to the center of the wooden round, on top of the burlap add a piece a little smaller of your mesh ribbon. These can be held on with some hot glue. Once those are secure in place use your hot glue again to attach the Welcome sign over the burlap/mesh ribbon.

Next take your florals and place them on the top of the wooden round. This is going to fill in the space at the top of the hanger. Attach with hot glue.

Finally using some of your burlap make a bow to go in between your florals. Attach this using hot glue and then add your button to the center also using hot glue.

This project came out so adorable. I absolutely love how it looks hanging on my front door. What’s great about this DIY is you can mix and match the scrapbook paper and paints to follow your own decor and personality. I really had a fun time making this and I hope you will also. Do you think you will make a Welcome Spring Door Hanger?

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