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DIY Gingerbread Ladle Decoration

As I mentioned in a few of my previous posts I decided to decorate my hutch in gingerbread for this Christmas. I’ve been finding all kinds of super cute additions at thrift stores, craft stores and of course making some of my own. So when I was poking around a local craft store looking for some cute little additions to my Christmas decor and some things that I could makeover, I found a metal ladle and knew that I had some thing I could add to it at home. Follow along with me and check out this DIY Gingerbread Ladle Decoration.


Ladle- Thrift Store

Gingerbread Ornament- Mine was metal and unfinished. You could use a finished gingerbread ornament from Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Etc.

Battery Tea Light

Spanish Moss

Mini Buttons

Red Ticking Fabric


Start by completely covering your ladle with your red paint and your gingerbread cut out with your brown paint.

After the paint on your ladle has dried go ahead and add some detail with your white paint.

Once the paint has dried from your details, go ahead and splatter some white paint across your ladle. This gives it almost a snow look.

Once the brown paint on your gingerbread has dried go ahead and using your black, red and white paints add a face and some embellishments. This for sure brings the gingerbread to life.

Just like with the ladle go ahead and splatter some white paint across the gingerbread.

Once all the paint is dry, using your hot glue gun add some of the mini buttons down the front of the gingerbread and also add a bow made out of the ticking fabric to the gingerbread.

Now take your battery tea light and paint it with your red paint.

After the red paint dries add a little detail with your white paint and then go ahead and cover with the Enchanted Shimmer.

Now glue your gingerbread to the ladle with some hot glue. I used some small clamps to hold the gingerbread in place while the glue dried.

Finally fill the ladle with some of your Spanish moss and place the tea light in the center.

This came out so stinkin’ cute, I cannot wait to add it to my gingerbread hutch. It was super fun to make and actually pretty simple. Do you think you will make a DIY Gingerbread Ladle Decoration?

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