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DIY White Folding Christmas Village

I found this cute little folding village at the flea market for $1, such a good deal, I just had to grab it. I knew that I could turn it into something awesome for the holiday. I figured why not turn this into something that you could use in all different places in the house. Follow along with me for a DIY White Folding Christmas Village.


Folding Village- I found mine at a Flea Market for $1

White Spray Paint


Clear Coat

Start off by painting the entire folding village with your white spray paint. I did mine outside on some newspaper so that I didn’t make a mess with the spray paint.

Next I covered the village with glitter over the entire front.

Go over the glitter with some clear coat so that it sticks to the village. With this final step you are all finished.

This was a super simple project and it came out so cute. I love how you can use it on a mantle, a centerpiece on a table or even as decoration on the Christmas tree. You could change up the color and make it match into your decor as well. Do you think you will make a DIY White Folding Christmas Village?

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