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DIY Halloween Boo Block Trio

I’m getting close to wrapping up my crafting for Fall and Halloween to jump into my Christmas crafting. I wanted to make sure I got this DIY Halloween Boo Block Trio into my craft set for this season before I did that. This trio was a blast to make and I couldn’t wait to get them started! Do you think you may give these a try for yourselves?


Letter Blocks
Wooden Peg People 
Felt – Cats Ears 
Brown Paper Bag – Pumpkin Stem

First, I picked out the colors I wanted to use for this project.

Second, I painted all three of the wooden peg people as you see here in the picture. You could paint them how you chose to.

Third, I added the extra details to each one. I used the end of my paint brush to create the polka dots.

Fourth, I took my wooden letter boo blocks and painted them with the purple, black, and orange. I used the white paint to paint the center of them to make sure the letters really popped.

Fifth, I painted on the colored collars onto the ones I wanted to have them. Then Painted the pumpkin, ghost, and cat faces onto the heads of the wooden peg people.

Sixth, I used the lime green paint to cover the top of each block.

Seventh, I cut out small triangles of felt to use as cat ears and hot glued them onto the cat head. Then I used a small pied of brown paper bag and twisted it to create the stem for the pumpkin head and hot glued it on.

Finally, I hot glued each one of the peg people to a different block. I then hot glued all of the blocks together.

Here it is all finished, what do you think? I love how this came out! I knew I had to make this DIY Halloween Boo Block Trio before I packed up all my Halloween and Fall supplies for the season. I’m hoping you enjoyed this project as much as I liked making it, and give one a try too!

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