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DIY Terra Cotta Pumpkins

Fall is one of my absolute favorite seasons, and with it comes changing leaves, pumpkins, and the hot chocolate weather. I love to create with pumpkins and this DIY Terra Cotta Pumpkins craft was so quick and easy and a blast to make I hope you give it a try too!


Thrifted Pumpkins – any pumpkin you want to make over will work.
Paint- Terra Cotta
Baking Soda

First, I took the Terra Cotta paint and mixed it with a little baking soda.

Second, I used the paint mixture to completely cover the pumpkins.

Third, after the paint dried, I lightly dusted the pumpkins with flour. You can use either a paint brush or your fingers for this.

Here is the before and after pictures, what do you think? I think they came out so cute. When I found these pumpkins at the Thrift store I knew I had to do something with them and I love how they came out. Do you think you’ll give these DIY Terra Cotta Pumpkins a try too?

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