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DIY Floral Heart Wreath

I love making different kinds of wreaths, you can always seem to find a theme to go with any holiday or season. I was out at a thrift store the other day and saw this metal heart and knew I could turn it into the perfect wreath for Spring. Follow along with me for this DIY Floral Heart Wreath.


Metal Heart Wreath- I found mine at a thrift store

Florals- Dollar Tree

White Paint


I started this project off by painting the metal heart with my white paint. Make sure to completely cover the metal.

After the paint dried I wrapped my florals around the heart. These secured themselves with the wire that is inside the florals.

This wreath was so simple and used minimal supplies. It will look super cute hanging in a window or on a storm door. Do you think you will make a DIY Floral Heart Wreath?

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