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DIY Jack O Lantern Sign

So I took a trip to Hobby Lobby the other day and I was looking around in the clearance section, I always find stuff that I can upcycle into something super neat. I found this cute little sign for 90% off and automatically started thinking that I could turn it into something fun for Halloween. Follow along and learn how to make your very own DIY Jack O Lantern Sign.


Sign (Hobby Lobby 90% off)

Jack O Lantern Wood Face Shapes (Target $1 spot, if unable to find paint or draw face on)

Paint- Orange, Black, and White

Ribbon & Button


Cabinet Knob


Spanish Moss

Hot Glue

I started off this DIY project by first painting over the “All You Need Is Love” paper that is on the front. I painted the inside of the frame with my orange paint and the edge of the frame with black paint.

Next I attached the Jack O Lantern Wood Face Shapes using my glue gun, I centered the face in the frame horizontally.

For the next step I made an X bow with my ribbons and tied this together with raffia.

I then glued my cabinet knob to the top edge of the frame in the middle.

After the glue to the knob was dry, I took a small amount of Spanish Moss and glued it around the cabinet knob.

Next I took my X bow and glued that to the front of the cabinet knob.

Next you will grab your button and spider, you are going to glue the button in the middle of the bow. In this step you will also glue your spider to the upper corner of the frame.

After all of my “fun” decorations were attached to the top of the frame, I used my white paint to add some little eyes to the Jack O Lantern. I think that this makes the face stand out more and really pop.

Project complete!! This was really fun and easy to make. I love upcycling items that I find in the store and this one came out great. Do you think you will make a DIY Jack O Lantern Sign?

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