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Dollar Tree Carrot Pallet

I am so amazed every time I got into Dollar Tree and see what new craft items they have. A while ago I grabbed a few of the little wooden pallets, at the time I had no idea what I would do with them. Then the spring craft items started coming out and I saw the little carrot cutouts and that is when it all came together. Let’s make a Dollar Tree carrot pallet, this would be so cute in your tier trays!


Mini Dollar Tree Pallet

Wooden Dollar Tree Carrot Cut Out

Burlap, one is chevron and the other is just plain

Paints; white and orange

Brown Wax

Twine and a small flower

First, take your burlaps and cut them into two strips, the chevron for the top and the regular for the bottom. Mod Podge them on and once they have dried trim around them.

Second, paint your pallet white. Then paint the bottom half of you carrot orange, you can add a small amount of water to the paint to help it spread easier if needed.

Third, wrap some twine around the center and tie in a knot and trim the tails to size. Hot glue your flower to the center of the twine over the knot.

Fourth, hot glue your carrot to the pallet.

Last step, using the brown wax dry brush it all over the pallet and the carrot. Once you have the desired shade you’d like you are finished!

This turned out so adorable, I love it! What do you think of this Dollar Tree carrot pallet?

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  1. Thanks for sharing, simple enough that maybe I an do it. lol

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